Hi Tealeah, What is your pitbull called?

I have two my male is Loki and my female is Missy.

How did you meet Loki and Missy?

Myself and my boyfriend meet Loki when my dogs friend got him and brought him over to my dads house after a short period of time his other dogs (females) started to pick on Loki as he was a very reserved and quite puppy and we decided to take him home to foster him whilst my dads friend looked for a new owner and he just never left.
We picked missy up from a Sydney breeder after we lost our older pitbull Roxy from a brain tumour as Loki was lonely after his big sister passed.
She was so cute and just wanting to meet us and did the cutest little wooing sound and that really spoke to us.

Have you developed a strong friendship with Loki and Missy?

Myself and Loki are joined at the hip, he is my little shadow! He will sit whilst in our the computer and wait for me or nap on the couch with me or just keep each other company
He is my big lapdog in a sense
There was a time when Loki was after from me whilst I was looking for a new house and he was staying with a trusted friend 2 hours away as I would not leave him with anyone I didn’t trust and I would travel 4 hours away every chance I had to visit him, bring him treats and just take him out to walk, swim or go for a bath
He is my little soulmate.
Missy is more connected to my boyfriend but they are just two free spirited beings enjoying the world around them
There is never a bad day to missy and there’s nothing in her world that is a bad thing
The dog park is her favourite place in this world and people are her lovers
She’s a party on paws and loves all the attention and fun she can get from human and dogs alike but her favourite thing is snuggles with her dad.
We do have relationships with both the dogs but they chose their humans and we will love them regardless.

You are good people. I am happy for Loki and Missy who are lucky pit bulls. The personality of Loki and Missy in general?

Loki is a quite protective of his people and his safe place when it comes to strangers when he gets scared but is an overall sweetheart with a heart of gold
He’s a lapdog and if he loves you he really does show it
Missy is an outgoing and adventurous pup with the world in her paws 🐾 she loves everyone and can’t get enough of life and she’s just a smiley happy dog in general a real diamond.
They are excitable, playful and people pleasers.

In the country where you live, does the law have particular restrictions on keeping a pitbull?

Yes, in most states they’re banned.
In my state there are restrictions however they’re limited.
They revised laws in my state to be based on the dogs temperament rather than their breed and they are not restricted however this is the only state in my country we’re they are allowed.

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

I would recommend firstly looking into there ability to provide to their exercise and care needs as pitbull a are fit and intelligent dogs. (unfortunately)they will need to look into the laws within their area
Please remember just like every dog social them to dog to dogs, people, bikes, cars, children
And remember to give a gentle guidance and live will always show through your dog and your dogs behaviour xx love them with your everything as they will be your loyal loving companion until they leave this earth.

In your opinion, can a Pitbull be purchased / adopted without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner alone?

I believe like any other dog breed it would depend on the owner’s confidence and knowledge in training however I believe with my dogs I had to get professional assistance in some training with Loki however missy is completely owner trained and she is our most social dog.
Missy wouldn’t hurt a fly and Loki needs a bit more guidance.
However he is a good boy and just need practice.

What would you say to those who say that the PitBull is a bad and aggressive dog?

Educate yourself, look up the statistics in the temperament tests for all breed in comparison to each other as the pitbull scored higher in the temperament test that the golden retriever and border collie
Talk to pitbull owners and see their side of the story as they live their lives with this amazing breed and can tell you of their loving and loyal nature.

What rating would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?

I’ve worked in kennels and vets and trainers and the pitbull is on a 99% basis we’re always the easiest to handle and the most loving of all breeds.

Which of these qualities best identifies Loki and Missy? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.
Loki - loyalty and strength
Missy- Intelligence and sweetness.

Faced with a danger that threatens you how would Loki and Missy behave?

Loki would stand his ground and seek his peoples command
Missy would submit or run.

Interview of 17/01/2020

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