Hi Ryan, what's your Pitbull called?

His name is Kelevra.

How did you hear about Kelevra?

A friend of mine had a Pitbull that had puppies and we always wanted a dog, so this was a perfect situation for us.

Have you developed a strong friendship with Kelevra?

Yes I have! He is way more then just a family pet, he is not only my buddy but is also my 2 young daughters best friend.

Kelevra's personality in general?

He is very loving and loyal. Always wants to snuggle and he loves playing with the girls. He is such a dog to have.
A great dog to have.

How does it behave with other dogs?

He loves other dogs. Always wants to play and run around.

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

Just to do your research and make sure you can handle the type of “attention” you get from having this type of dog. A lot of people have bad things to say about this breed but if they are treated right and have lots of love in their lives, they will be loving and loyal always. Pitbulls get a bad reputation but they are the best family dogs.

In the country where you live, does the law have particular restrictions on keeping a pitbull?

There are a few cities around the country that have banned Pitbulls and a lot of apartment complex’s won’t allow them. If you own your own house you have to pay a little more for homeowners insurance because they are on the “dangerous breed list”.

In your opinion, can a Pitbull be purchased / adopted without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner only?

I have had Kelevra since he was 7 weeks old so I had the opportunity to train him myself but I made sure I read up a lot about the breed. If you adopt and older dog it may take sometime to train only because you won’t really know their background. But with love and patience I think it can be done. But if a person feels it’s to much to handle, getting a trainer is a good idea.

What would you say to those who say that the PitBull is a bad and aggressive dog?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I try to let them know that they are a great breed and every dog is different and I try to let them know that back in the day they were considered nanny dog because they helped watch after the children.

How would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?

I, personally, would give them a 10! I’ve never had any issues and only good experiences with him.

What influence does the owner's role have on training a Pitbull dog?

The owners have a huge role in the influence of this breed. We have to teach them right behavior. If they are treated poorly, they act poorly but if treated with love and boundaries they can be the best dogs ever.

In your experience, can a PitBull live with other different breeds?

I think they can. I have only ever owned him but I have seen other people with Pitbulls also have other breeds and they are great friends!

Which of these qualities best identifies Kelevra? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.

All! He is great with my children and one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met.

Faced with a danger that threatens you how would Kelevra behave?

He would protect me and my family. He reacts to our responses. Depending on how we react, he reacts accordingly.
Interview of 01/02/2020

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