Hi Melissa, how did you and Oliver meet?

My old neighbor sold dogs (something I don't agree with). Although Oliver is of a breed that is known to be angry, he is super calm, extremely clueless and silly. So he wanted to play with the other dogs they had at his house, and he ended up getting spanked of them all. To the point of having cuts and getting hurt really badly. My neighbor told me that he would try to sell it and I did not agree, I asked him to give it to me. And that's how I adopted him.

Have you developed a strong friendship with him?

Yes, too much. We are like soulmates. He spends 24 hours with me, everywhere I go he follows me, he sleeps with me, eats with me. He is my everything and I'm pretty sure I'm his everything too.

Oliver's personality in general?

He is very playful, active and very affectionate.

How does it behave with other dogs?

He likes to play a lot, is super receptive to other dogs and loves to run.

Your opinion on breed memory in the PitBulls?

I think although genetic inheritance is relevant, it all depends on how you creates the dog.
Just as a child who has an agressive childhood can become an aggressive adult, dogs work the same way.
We give what we receive and that goes for any animal or person.

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

Give love, care and attention. Play hard so that it spends energy and give a lot of snacks!

According to You Melissa, can a Pit Bull be purchased / adopted without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner only?

Yes, every dog is smart and PitBull is a very smart breed. They can be trained by their own owner.

What would you say to those who say that the PitBull is a bad and aggressive dog?

Go learn something and search before say anything stupid or arcaic.

What rating would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?


In your experience, can a Pit Bull live peacefully with other different breeds?

Yes, they are VERY kind to other animals.

Which of these qualities best identifies Oliver? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.


Interview of the day 13/01/2020

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