Hi Kseniia. How did you and Shanti meet?

I accidentally saw his photographs on the Internet, a whole gallery, he was represented by a nursery! it was love at first sight! he was just a unique puppy whom I had never met before.

Have you developed a strong friendship with him?

this is not just friendship, it is the love of my life.

Shanti's personality in general?

he is incredibly kind, without a single drop of aggression, he loves children madly, is very contact with people, considers himself a small dog, because he loves when he is taken in his arms.

How does it behave with other dogs?

Always wants to play with them.
never fought with dogs.

Your opinion on breed memory in the PitBulls?

there’s nothing wrong with pit bull history! all terrible conjectures and labels have been thought and hanged by people! there are many other stories about other breeds of dogs, but they are quickly forgotten.

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

here I think a person needs to think carefully whether he can take such a dog, they need proper care, maximum training and physical activity! it's not a pocket dog! in bad hands, any dog ​​will behave badly.

In your opinion, can a Pitbull be purchased / adopted without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner alone?

Of course, one owner is able to raise a dog correctly, with the right approach to the issue.

What would you say to those who say that the PitBull is a bad and aggressive dog?

I do not pay attention to this opinion, because it is not valid! only having such a dog can we draw any conclusions.

What rating would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?

10 out of 10 as the best breed.

In your experience, can a Pit Bull live peacefully with other different breeds?

Of course.
we are friends with dogs of various breeds.

Which of these qualities best identifies Shanti? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.

Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness

Faced with a danger that threatens you, how would Shanti behave?

in this question I find it difficult to answer, because I did not test it in such situations people say that they feel the danger to the owner and protect him! but if I have to protect both of us , I’m not offended by him, because I didn’t teach him that.

Interview of the day 14/01/2020

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