Hi Karina. How did you meet Potato?

We met potato at a shelter. My boyfriend took me in to see dogs for my birthday and she’s the one we fell in love with.

Have you developed a strong friendship with Potato?

Yes definitely!

Potato's personality in general?

She is very very lovable. Loves people with all her heart, when we take her out for walks or outings she will cry or wine if people walk past her while at home she loves to cuddle every minute of every day.

How does it behave with other dogs?

So far she has been good with other dogs. We are always cautious since she is a rescue and don’t have her whole story. At dog parks she does good and loves to play with her little sister

In the country where you live, does the law have particular restrictions on keeping a pitbull?

Some states do. I live in California and although they are welcome here, you can tell people are not big fans of pitbulls. While walking down the street or at dog parks we will get dirty looks if not comments on how she should be at home and it trusted with kids. If we were to live in an apartment we wouldn’t be able to have her only because she is in the “breed restriction list” 90% of rented apartments or homes will not accept any pittie.

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

DO IT! Do not be scared and don’t let the dog/breed be a statistic . Once you go pitbull you never go back.

In your opinion, can a Pitbull be purchased / adopted without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner alone?

Yes you just need to do your research, ask questions , don’t be afraid and do not give up. They are smart dogs they just need love and a lot of patience.
6 years ago i used to HATE pitbull breeds HATE HATE HATE then I met one I gave one pitbull a chance and my life was forever changed. I have met “aggressive” pitbulls but once you give them kisses and hugs they’re just cuddle bugs.

What would you say to those who say that the Pit Bull is a bad and aggressive dog?

1st I would let them meet potato so she can give them kisses and hugs then 2nd I would try to educate them letting them know that “pitbull” itself is not a breed but instead it’s an umbrella where a lot of breeds fall under.. give them statistics and ask them to give them a chance.
When we first adopted Potato my mom was terrified and would tell me she should remain chained up, fast forward to now and they cuddle together.

What rating would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?


In your experience, can a Pit Bull live peacefully with other different breeds?

YES! My pittie is currently living w a 3 month old husky

 Which of these qualities best identifies your Potato? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.

 Oh man all of them !

 Faced with a danger that threatens you, how would Potato behave?

Thankfully it has not happened with me but I believe she would protect me at all costs especially if it’s the mailman she does NOT like the mailman.

Interview of 17/01/2020

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