Hi Kanella. How did you and Blue meet?

I was looking for a puppy and my friends friend had puppies and I talked to them on the phone, they said they only had one girl left and as soon as I saw blue I knew she was mine.

Have you developed a strong friendship with Blue?

She’s my best friend, it’s me and her.

Blue's personality in general?

She’s soo loving and caring, she has a really strong character and she is the friendliest creature I know.

How does it behave with other dogs?

She loves everyone and she is careful with smaller dogs. I met a rescue dog who’s been treated very badly, the rescue dog was so scared at first. Blue took her time with her and very carefully established a relationship until the dog was so comfortable that she started jumping and playing with blue, the dog that from the start just sat and screamed cause she didn’t trust other dogs but blue got her to open up and now they are friends.

Blue is wonderful. Your opinion on breed memory in the PitBulls?

Yes she is. I grew up with a lot of different dogs, my cousins in Greece have dog shelters and I have met a lot of dogs, but.... no race is so loving and caring like pitbulls!!

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

A lot of patience and make sure you know much about the breed, not because it has anything negative but you have to know what it needs in training, brain stimulation so it’s healthy and good.
You should NOT worry about kids or other dogs, your pitbull will kill with kisses.

In your opinion Kanella, can a Pitbull be purchased / adopted without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner alone?

Yes ofc I train my pitbull alone.

What would you say to those who say that the Pitbull is a bad and aggressive dog?

That they have never met a pitbull or they’ve never given the breed a chance, cause if they had they would be pitbull owners.

How would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?


In your experience, can a Pit Bull live peacefully with other different breeds?

Yes ofc , just like any stable dog can.

Which of these qualities best identifies Blue? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.

Everything without question.

Faced with a danger that threatens you, how would Blue behave?

She would protect me with her life.

Interview of the day 14/01/2020

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