Hi Irene. What is your American Bully called?

I have two! Diesel is 2 and Draco is almost 1.

How did you meet Diesel and Draco?

We got Diesel about a month after our boxer passes away. My husband and me went thought a very depressing time and we saw his face come up on a feed and instantly feel in love. He helped us heal and grieve and we are so thankful to him for that. Our neighbor had a nice dog and we joked that if he every fathered a litter, that we wanted a puppy. Well they had a litter. We weren’t sure at first because we already had two other dogs but they brought him over and Diesel and Daisy (our female boxer) were so sweet with him. He hung on Diesles face and Diesel was so tolerant.

Have you developed a strong friendship with Diesel?

All my dogs are my everything. When the world drives me crazy, they are my solace. Our bond is very strong.

The personality of Diesel and Draco in general?

They are both different. Diesel is very low key and a bit more shy with people but quickly warms up. Draco is more high energy and outgoing. Will give a big hug and kiss to any stranger. Both are very affectionate.

How do they behave with other dogs?

Both of them love other dogs and get along with them great. We go to many pack walks, pet expos and stores. We take them anywhere we can to socialize them as much as possible.

What would you recommend to anyone who wants to take an American Bully for the first time?

Like with any breed, they should do their research. The American bullies are many times working dogs. They like tasks and to please their owners. It’s important to know what the specific breed may need.

According to you Irene, can an American Bully be purchased without the need for an expert educator or can it be trained even by the owner only?

All breeds needs training. American Bullies can be a very powerful breed so they need an experienced owner or an owner who is willing to take them to a trainer if needed.

What would you say to those who say that the American Bully is a bad and aggressive dog?

I would say that that is utter nonsense. Dogs are individuals and all have different personalities and traits. I’m sure some are aggressive but any breed can be if not raised and trained properly. I don’t think they are an aggressive breed by nature at all.

What rating would you rate this breed from 1 to 10?


In your experience, can an American Bully live peacefully with other different breeds?

Absolutely. We have 3 dogs and they all get along. I know hundreds of bullies that live peacefully with other breeds.

Which of these qualities best identifies Diesel and Draco? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.

Diesel loyalty and Draco strength.

Faced with a danger that threatens you how would Diesel and Draco behave?

I am not sure as it’s never happened. Dogs are good with reading energy and situations so I am sure they would both protect me.

Interview of 16/01/2020

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