How did you and Dior meet?

We met Dior as a baby from a very responsible breeder who's main goal was to produce xl dogs with the sweetest, most gentle temperament. In fact we met her parents months before she was even born because we wanted to make sure we were getting her from a reputable breeder.

Have you developed a strong friendship with Dior?

We certainly have developed a strong relationship with Dior! Sometime we forget she is even a dog, as she feels like a human friend and family member. She is extra special to us because she is the first dog my partner and I ever owned in our whole lives. Previous to Dior we only had experience owning cats (whom we still love!) The bond we have with Dior is one of understanding, companionship, kindness unconditional love, and trust.

Dior personality in general?

Dior is very sociable, she loves to say hi to people but she loves playing with other dogs even more! She will kiss you non-stop! With her amazing memory she will never forget you and will always greet you as if you've been gone from her life for years (even if it's been 10 minutes). She also is extremely expressive, you will know when she is happy, bored or sad just from her face. She never barks or growls and is always gentle with smaller dogs and young children even when meeting new people.

How does it behave with other dogs?

Dior is so sweet with other dogs, she never shows aggression even when she has been attacked (bitten) by a very territorial smaller dog in the past. She just loves to follow other dogs and have a friend she can cuddle up next to when it is rest time.

Your opinion on race memory in the PitBulls?

I've heard from a reputable dog trainer that dispite how much you encourage good temperament in dogs of certain breeds (including this breed) their ancestral instincts can still come out. With that said we believe good consistent dog training is needed to make sure we are fully in control of our dog for their safety and ours, no matter their breed memory, or developed temperament.

What would you recommend to those who want to take a Pitbull for the first time?

I would recommend that they think about how this is a 12 year or more commitment. Due to the public stigma against them, it is very wise to train them to always be well behaved and obedient from the very start of their lives in order change the perspective of the public and to keep them safe from harm. They are a strong breed which needs regular walks, and trainning tools such as pinch collars because they can easily hurt their paws from pulling too hard out of innocent excitement. Many people will tell you their opinion about your dog's breed but luckily you have the opportunity to positively educate them on a very misunderstood loving breed.

What would you say to those who say that the PitBull is a bad and aggressive dog?

I would tell them that the owner decides how these loyal dogs behave. The owner chooses the behaviours they want to reward whether it is good and bad, much like humans teach their innocent children what is "good" or "bad." Not all owners are good people, but they shouldn't judge a whole breed by a few bad examples until they meet a good owner with a pitbull to see for themselves.

What would you rate this breed 1 to 10?

Based on my lifestyle needs I would give this breed a 10/10. But I would not recommend a Pit Bull to people who do not have the time to walk and train them. Bored, lonely dogs can become distructive, and not everyone is capable of handling a big powerful dog outside in public.

In your experience, can a Pit Bull live peacefully with other different breeds?

With proper slow introductions I certainly think they can live with other breeds! I don't even think they think too much about what breed they are, they just think they are just like other four-legged animals whether they are small or large. The only exception is rodents, they can tell the difference.

Which of these qualities best identifies Dior? Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Intelligence, Sweetness.

I would say Dior is strong, loyal, intelligent and sweet. She gets scared easily so I can't really give her courageous.

 Faced with a danger that threatens you how would Dior behave?

Dior has had one experience where she thought she saw a shadow move outside my window late a night and she got up in a defensive position and growled to scare it off. Since she never grows I was shocked! However out in public when I get scared by other dogs that bolt at us to attack, I scream and she runs away! Right now she is just 1.25 years old so her ability to deal with threats is still developing.

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