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Description Champions PIT

Champions PIT is a free virtual competition for pit bull dogs. In addition to the wonderful pit bulls, Amstaff, American Bully, Xl, Xll and Staffy dogs can also participate. No other breeds are allowed. The competition is absolutely free and without mutual commitments.

You participate

only through images of the competing dogs. There are ten competing dogs (their images) and the competition lasts 30 days from the start. The race is established through the individual preferences expressed by each exclusive visitor to our website

Preferences do not include limitations

So a user has the possibility to vote for himself and for friends and acquaintances even several times during the race period. At the end of the competition only the three winners will be announced. Respectively the first, second and third dogs that reached the highest number of preferences.

The first, second and third winner for each category (Beauty, sympathy and tenderness).
are our pits of the month!

These samples will receive our certificate of pits of the month, and a splendid digital graphic design created by artists of our team. The portrait will remain deposited on our web pages and will be delivered by email or instagram chat to the owner or holder of the winning dogs.
This award ceremony takes place within ten days of the end of the race.

This Champions PIT competition

It has no legal value but acquires for us and for all interested owners another and more important value that derives from the affection and recognition of the particular qualities of these splendid dogs.

Although obvious, it is specified that it is our intention to operate in compliance with any applicable law. For this reason, the images we receive require respect for every copyright and any other legal condition.
We cannot verify the necessary requirements at the time of receipt and therefore do not assume any related liability. For this reason, every kind concerned is required to provide their own images and in any case conform. They are just simple common sense rules that are normally adopted and that users will be able to respect without any difficulty. Thank you.

CREATION DATE:  February 16, 2020

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